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We understand telematics & V2X

Connectivity allows infinite possibilities, including projects for autonomous or semi-autonomous trucks that require deep expertise. Since 1994, ACTIA has a cross-segment presence in the supply of connectivity for passenger cars, trucks and off-highway vehicles. We also actively participate in R&D C-ITS & V2X projects with major OEMs and in standardization councils in the field of wireless communication.

ACTIA creates outstanding equipment by working in close collaboration with our customers, and implementing state-of-the-art secure technology from design to manufacturing. We develop customized automotive hardware and software solutions that respond to ISO standards and beyond. We are dedicated to develop the future of connectivity together with our customers.

Telematics Gateway Unit – worldwide expandable

Our mission is to develop, produce and sell green, safe and connected solutions worldwide.

Our global footprint, combining resources close to customer with core technology teams inside the group means we can be close to each customer’s entity. A dedicated certification teams allows our telematics solutions to be in daily operation in more than 130 countries.


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