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ACTIA is a global leader in technical inspections.

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For a maximum service rate

Using fleets of HGVs and utility vehicles meets important financial requirements that influence a whole business sector within the world of transportation. Goods transportation operators have to adapt to environmental requirements, especially regulations, as well as important safety requirements, whilst guaranteeing the financial viability of operating their fleets. The balance to be found between the various limitations requires maximum through-life support for fleets, which are being transformed and becoming more complex, integrating new energy sources.

Fleet management and maintenance solutions

Optimising fleet activity is one of the main financial requirements for managers. Real-time geolocation to manage scheduled routes, inspect fuel consumption, promote fuel-efficient driving, monitor operating data to plan for maintenance operations, etc. and, increasingly, to manage new energies with, for example, control of battery-charging cycles for electric vehicles, are all “vital functions” for operation. ACTIA has developed a service platform that operates these various functions. Connected to a telematics unit and a dedicated server, the ACTIA Fleet portal enables utility vehicle and HGV fleet management and maintenance.

Tachograph solutions

ACTIA offers D-BOX equipment for fleet managers, workshops and the authorities. D-BOX is regulatory equipment used to download data from all 1B and 1C tachographs, as well as smart cards.
The T-Store software application is a comprehensive solution for archiving, managing and using tachograph data. These ACTIA solutions are compatible with all tachograph brands and models.

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